Friday, August 30, 2019

Shut Up Fool Awards- Moni's In NOLA Edition

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Aww yeah, I'm back in NOLA for the NLGJA convention, and Southern Decadence is also happening just blocks from our convention hotel near the French Quarter

Guess someone on the NLGJA planning committee noted that it was happening and made sure when they chose the dates for this year's conference we'd be here at the same time.

But before I roll out of this hotel to check it out, got convention business to handle.  The other business I need to handle is calling our this week's fool not named Donald John Trump.

That would be Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)   

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Sen Collins is upset because her support of (In)Justice Brett Kavanaugh (boo,hiss)  has made it more likely that when November 2020 rolls around she will be an ex-senator. 

Well, boo boo kitty, you knew this man was unpopular and woefully unqualified for the SCOTUS,  your constituents didn't want you voting to confirm him and made it clear where they stood, but you did what you always do with your 'F' NAACP Congressional Report Card rated self does and kiss up to the conservafool wing.

Even Stevie Wonder can see you ain't a 'moderate', and you're going down to electoral defeat next year because peeps have had enough of your fauxgressive crap .

And oh yeah,   Sen Susan Collins, shut up fool!

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