Friday, August 02, 2019

Shut Up Fool Awards- Bringing It Back Edition

One of the most popular features in the decade plus history of the blog is the TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards in which I have called out the blatant lies, ridiculous mind numbing statements, hypocrisy and the coonery and buffoonery here and around the globe.

And as Mr T has said, "Fools are everywhere".

The Trump misadministration , the Republican Party, white evilgelicals and  FOX Noise have unleashed such a coordinated avalanche of bull feces and lies to cover up and distract you from their creeping christofascism that it got overwhelming for me at times to catalog it all on a weekly basis.

It also didn't help that I have been extremely busy activism wise, so I took a sanity break from that feature for a while.

After running into many of my readers at different events who let me know how much they missed the Shut Up Foll Awards, I'm bringing them back and in the right head space to call crap out every Friday.

So here's the first post for the relaunched TransGriot Shut Up Fool Awards.   Just going straight to this week's winner, Rick Wiles .   

Image result for rick wiles
I'm not a fan of vegan food, but this week's winner took to his show to call vegetarian burgers a 'Luciferian plot to change human DNA'   Translation: He claims Satan is behind pushing veggie burgers to the public to steal your soul and keep you from going to heaven.

Yeah right, christofascist hatemonger. Rick Wiles is not only a homobigot, he's also anti-Semitic as well.  .   

The Church Lady would be so proud of him.   

All together, peeps.   Rick Wiles, Shut Up Fool!

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