Thursday, October 20, 2016

Must See Trans TV- Rocky Horror Starring Laverne Cox On Tonight

The actress also discusses her personal connection to the beloved movie musical. "It’s part of what gave me the courage to truly transition," she tells THR.
Just your friendly TransGriot reminder that while we wait for her debut on the upcoming CBS legal drama Doubt as attorney Cameron Wirth, the reimagined version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show starring Laverne Cox

She talked about her personal connection to the original movie in this Hollywood Reporter article,

The reimagined Rocky Horror Picture Show will be on your FOX television screens starting  later tonight at 7 PM CDT


Mystere said...

I loved Laverne Cox's Frank N. Furter in the remake of TRHPS. <3 Her seamless blending of Tim Curry's portrayal and her own inimitable style was a delight to watch! Looking forward to your comments on the remake.

Mystere said...
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