Monday, October 10, 2016

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving 2016!

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Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers and friends north of the border!   I know you're taking the time to step away from Timmy's and chow down on some turkey and other holiday favorites as you count your blessings in this year.

And one of those blessings is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.   The Conservatives don't think so, but the rest of the planet thinks your current PM is a vast improvement over The Sweater Vest.

For my trans family in the Great White North, you are watching the progress of C-16 through your national legislature, and witnessed another province in British Columbia protect the human rights of its transgender citizens.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!   May the food you sit down to eat with friends and family be tasty, your travels to and from your holiday destinations be drama free and safe in both directions, and you continue to have a blessings filled rest of the year.

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