Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Leaving On A Jet Plane To St Louis!

It's ironic than in the nearly nine years I lived in Louisville, I was only a mere 3.5 hour drive away from St. Louis, but the closest I ever got to hitting I-64 west toward it was Evansville, IN for the wedding of a friend.

The next closest opportunity was in 2012 when I was headed to New York for my GLAAD POC media training, and my through flight to LGA stopped in St. Louis on the way there.  It was the same aircraft, so I happily moved myself and my bags closer to the front of the plane before we boarded the passengers waiting to get on in St Louis.

Well, I'm finally going to get the opportunity to not only see the St Louis airport terminal from the inside, but also see the city.  I'll also get the opportunity to meet some people in St Louis as I attend Netroots Nation for the first time since I was on that historic all-trans panel at #NN12 in Providence.

Yep, people, I'll be at the 2016 Netroots Nation through Sunday, and my jet plane takes me through Dallas Love Field on the way to St. Louis.   Hopefully I have a chance and time to hit the Whataburger at Love Field while I'm laying over there for my connecting flight at 12:30 PM and both are on time.

That depends on how badly the arrival of President Obama and Air Force One in Dallas impacts the flight schedule

You TransGriot readers know the convention drill.  Sometimes I may be deep in thought as I'm wandering the convention halls and may not recognize you right away, or I may be engaged in conversation with a lot of people.  In either scenario, don't be shy, just say hi when you see me.

I'm also taking part in a leadership meeting on Wednesday and a panel discussion on Saturday
On that note, time for me to get some beauty sleep for this travel day   My alarm is set for 6 AM, and it will be here before you know it.

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