Sunday, May 13, 2007

Why We Hate On Gays

photo-Alison Aucone
Penn State student Shawna McCalla confronts Michigan based traveling preacher Tamika Venyah on the PSU campus October 3, 2006 about Venyah's anti-gay views.

'Why We Hate On Gays'
sung to the tune of ‘Why We Sing’ by Kirk Franklin

Someone asked the question
Why we hate on gays?
It has nothing to do with Jesus
It’s how my church gets paid

Someone may be wondering
Isn’t hating on gays wrong?
We’ll quote scripture out of context
And do it all day long

We hate you ‘cause you’re happy
Don’t want to see the day
That you peeps can get married
That's why we hate on gays

Looking for new ways to screw you

That’s why we hate on gays

We'll keep on jacking with you
To that we'll say Amen
Get your butts back in the closet
‘Cause you know it is a sin

And if somebody asks you
If you hate gays rich or po’
Lift your hands and be a witness
And tell the whole world

(repeat chorus)

When we go to Colorado
To hate on gays some more
We will write more checks to Dobson
The one that we adore

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