Wednesday, May 02, 2007

T-Minus 48 Hours To Birthday

I'm less than 48 hours from getting another year older.

While I'm not disappointed that I am close to seeing another May 4 show up on my calendar, I'm not as giddy as I used to be in my childhood when I would impatiently wish that April would be gone with the quickness so we could get to the first week of May.

As I get older, from April 4 to my birthday I tend to get introspective and reminisce about how I got to this point, lament missed opportunities and congratulate myself for some of the things that I did step out of my comfort zone to do that improved my quality of life.

I get to do a road trip to Nashville Friday, hang out with my friends and enjoy the scenery of the two hour drive to there and back. They also like to spring suprises on me. I need to be very afraid what AC and Dawn may have cooked up when I am in their presence tomorrow.

That reminds me, need to get a camera. ;)

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looney said...

Happy Birthday!!