Saturday, May 19, 2007

Transgender Prom Queen

TransGriot Note: photos-Crystal (Johnny) Vera after being crowned, Toby (Cinthia) Covarrubias tux fitting, my classmates Jimmy Hernandez and Michelle Baines from the Jesse H. Jones 1980 prom, Crystal Vera and friend in official photo.

Remember when I posted the AP story last May about the drama Kevin Logan underwent in Gary, IN last year? The African-American transgender teen spent her entire senior year living as a female but was denied entry to the prom.

What a difference a year makes. Nice to see this inspiring story from the Fresno Bee concerning transteen Crystal (Johnny) Vera. Vera was crowned prom queen at Fresno's Roosevelt High School less than a month after Toby (Cinthia) Covarrubias' newsworthy run for prom king at Fresno High School.

Covarrubias didn't win but said at the time of his candidacy that he hoped to break the ice for other students who are transgender. Looks like that just happened, but I am saddened to hear that Toby has had much Hateraid thrown his way since the story broke on CNN.

Seeing all this news about proms made me recall my own back in 1980. I remember how out of place I felt sitting at the table with my friends in a powder blue tux secretly envious (and jealous) of my female classmates who were wearing their prom dresses. I liked growing up in the 70's but there are times that I wish that I was growing up as a transteen right now.

It reinforces the points that me and other transpeeps made on the Hill over the last few days.

We're here and we're Americans too. Just like anyone else we want a fair shot at contributing our talents to helping build our country and living quality lives. We aren't going away no matter how much screaming comes from the christobigots and haters.

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