Thursday, May 31, 2007

Who Has The World's Most Beautiful Transwomen?-Part 2

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the old saying goes. What I'm doing in this series of posts is trying to objectively ascertain what part of the world has the most beautiful transwomen. While that's an argument that will rage long after I finish this series, it'll definitely be a fun one as well.

In Part 2 I'm going to concentrate on the Americas, North, Central and South.

The Mexican transwomen have the same advantages as their Thai sisters. Over-the counter availability of hormones, petite body builds that translate well into feminine proportions, some androgynous biomale characteristics and a semi-tolerant culture despite being a Roman Catholic country.

They also have that delicious blend of Latin and indigenous Indian features. Some of the girls who were born there have emigrated to the United States. They congregate in the transgender meccas of LA, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Atlanta, Chicago and New York.

The Puerto Rican and Dominican transgirls combine the best aspects of being Latina with African influences. They are concentrated mostly in the New York and Miami areas.

Some people consider the Brazilians the most beautiful transwomen in the world, even over the Thais.

The Brazilians in addition to being a Roman Catholic country have the gender bending vibe running through their culture thanks to Carnaval. It is also the plastic surgery capital of South America. Because of economic and social conditions at home Brazilian transwomen also migrate to other parts of the world as well.

In the States, being that it's a large country we have various groups we can throw into this mix. The Hawaiian girls, African-Americans, Latinas, Asians and Caucasian ones from various parts of the country. Depending on the cultural group some get to start in their early to late teens while other end up starting transition in early adulthood. Even with that late start, we Americans and our Canadian cousins can still produce transwomen that rank up there with the world's best.

You do have girls that are increasingly coming from the Central American nations of Panama, who also share the African influences like their Brazilian and African-American counterparts, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala. There are also the girls of Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and Peru along with girls from the Caribbean island nations as well.

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