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Genetic Women and Transwomen: Can We Be Friends? Part 3

TransGriot Note: I ended up running out of space in Part 2. Question 4's responses in their entirety are posted here.

4. TransGriot: What are the advantages/disadvantages to both parties in cultivating friendships with the other?

I say that the more diversity one is exposed to, the better. I don't see any disadvantages developing when involved in an open, adult friendship. I appreciate my transwomen and men friends just as much as my genetic friends. When choosing friends what gender one is should make no difference. I'm happy to say, for me it's a non-issue.

The advantage is in being more tolerant of people as a whole and their feelings. The disadvantages are missing out on knowing truly beautiful human beings. Being closed minded doesn't help anybody and hurts the whole human race.

Advantages... from a GG’s point of view...Trans women can be loyal to a fault once you have gotten gained trust.and will rarely let you down. Many have military or paramilitary backgrounds so they understand the value of a friend, what it means to be a friend and how important it is to be a supportive friend. It does not hurt to have a girl friend who is 6 foot tall and has been trained in hand to hand combat either..

Advantages....From a Trans woman point of view . .By having a GG as a friend means that you will probably share a lot of shared interest.. Therefore y’all will be able to connect on levels that you may have missed out on as a man.. She will be able to help you separate out a lot of myths about being a woman. Sometimes we be having things so messed up bout being a woman..... a GG friend will be able to tell you when it’s time to step away from the blue eye shadow.

Disadvantages .......from the Transwoman’s side....GGs talk a lot about nothing ...sometimes I think they just talk to hear they head rattle... this will drive you nuts but you have to listen because you are their friend and talking is so very important....it’s a bonding thing I guess. GGs go psycho once a month ...so you got to learn how figure out when they are on their period. .sometimes their head will rotate 360 degrees during this time of the month but not always so ya need to be paying attention ...If ya GG friend miss a period y’all done got too close. she knocked up and being a Transwoman not gonna get you out of child support....another down side.

Disadvantages .......from the GGs side...Her best girlfriend is 6 foot tall and has been trained in hand to hand combat....and has been taking hormones !!!.. There she will always have the last say over the remote control... In most cases you will not be able to borrow her clothes...but she will be able to stretch yours into some unrecognizable form. The GG will be mistaken for a TG on a regular basis. so she will have ready to deal with all the crap that comes along with that association.... For example, some men may not want to talk to her cause they may not be sure bout her true gender...

While I don’t see any obvious disadvantages, the advantages I see are learning how to interact with other women as a woman, gaining advice on how they feel and how they feel the world relates to them, learning that some women are born with a penis and have their own unique set of struggles and that we can learn a lot about ourselves by learning about others.

Transwomen can have a lot to offer. Having been in the place of perhaps trying to fit in as boys/men and having the perspective of what is expected of men, transwomen can have a unique and interesting view to bring to a friendship. We are the stronger for having friends with differences.

Biowomen interacting and being friends with transwomen would promote understanding and progress in general and in areas such as the workplace and schools. I'd imagine a teacher who has a Transgender friend being more able to recognize, nurture and protect Transgender children. I just think we should have each others support.

The series continues with Part 4

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