Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me, Kimora Lee Simmons and Dawn Staley

Today is my favorite day on the calendar next to Christmas. My birthday!

It's the one day of the year that is uniquely personal because it's the day you arrived on this planet. In my case that was at 10:45 PM back during the Kennedy administration. ;)

It's a day filled with mixed emotions. One of prayerful appreciation that I've lived an additional 365 days (366 after a leap year) to see another May 4 roll off the calendar. The reveling in the specialness of the one day on the calendar that is truly yours. At the same time, in my case I tend to treat my birthdays like mileposts to check my quality of life progress. I spend the weeks leading up to it assessing where I want my life to be by the next one and what direction I want and need it to take to achieve my goals. I'm also thanking God for allowing to be here and for some of the blessing that I have now. Family that loves me, loyal friends and various people who love and care about me.

I'm about to step out of the house and head down I-65 to Nashville for the day. The Blue Bell Anniversary exhibit is set up at a mall down there and I want my free pint of ice cream. ;)

I was bummed when they set up the tour and Nashville was the closest city that the traveling exhibit was going to hit. They started selling Blue Bell here in Kentucky after the tour itinerary was set up. We're also rolling down to hang out with our good friend Marisa Richmond.

As for the other women who share my birthday, WNBA great, Olympian and Temple coach Dawn Staley, Kimora Lee Simmons and the late actress Audrey Hepburn no wonder I've always liked them. They are stubborn, determined Tauruses just like me.

Happy birthday to all the people around the world to whom May 4 is a special day for them as well.


Jackie said...

HAPPY Birthday Foxy Lady!

Monica Roberts said...

It was a good one.

Dharma Kelleher said...

Happy B'lated B'day!!! What a hot photo!