Friday, March 17, 2017

TransGriot Perv Watch- Oklahoma TBLGQ Oppressor Busted For Child Prostitution

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How deliciously apropos in the wake of the Texas senate passage of SB 6, the Texas Transgender Oppression Act which is laughingly claimed to be about 'protecting our children', that another conservative Republican legislator gets busted on child prostitution charges.

If the GOP was serious about protecting our children, they would ban Republican male legislators from the bathrooms.

This time it's north of the Red River in Oklahoma, and the GOP legislative perv that got busted for being in a hotel room with an underage by is Oklahoma state senator  Ralph Shortey (R-Oklahoma City) .

Shortey voted to advance a failed trans oppression (bathroom) bill out of committee last year that has stirred up anti-trans animus in the state,  and now he's been busted  for engaging in the predatory behavior against our youth he and his fellow Republicans repeatedly accuse transgender people of engaging in.

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Shortey was also Trump's Oklahoma campaign manager during the state's GOP primary.

The married Shortey was busted on March 9 in a Moore, OK Super 8 motel room with a 17 year old male juvenile with a history of soliciting himself online according to his parents and the Moore PD.  

When they arrived at the motel room there was according to the Moore PD a strong smell of marijuana and an open box of condoms in the juvenile's backpack.   Shortey claimed he was there 'just hanging out with a friend'  

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Communications records from the teen's Kindle Fire that was also in his backpack say otherwise.   KFOR-TV reported that when the teen told Sen. Shortey that he needed money for spring break, Shortey allegedly responded, "Would you be interested in sexual stuff?"

Shortey was arrested and charged with three felony counts of engaging in child prostitution, engaging in prostitution within 1000 feet of a church, and transporting a minor for prostitution  

The Oklahoma Senate in the wake of this serious unanimously voted to strip Shortey of his legislative privileges.  While he still gets to collects his monthly Senate paycheck and can still vote on legislation, he has been stripped of all committee assignments, barred from his office and stripped of his right to have an executive assistant.

Hopefully the voters of his senate district will strip him of his legislative seat in the next election cycle.

Freedom Oklahoma noted Shortey's support of the failed OK bathroom bill in their comment about his arrest to the Norman Transcript:

"We find it highly ironic that Senator Shortey voted to advance these bills out of committee and less than a year later, he was caught in what appears to be actual predatory behavior toward a vulnerable youth.  
There has never been a legitimate recorded incident in Oklahoma of a transgender person harming anyone in a restroom, yet there are numerous accounts of predatory behavior by anti LGBTQ legislators who have taken bigoted votes akin to the one Senator Shortey cast last year. "

And once again I and the trans community collectively ask, who are the perverts?   And FYI, Shortey wasn't in drag when he committed his crimes.

Will be keeping an eye on this case to see what happens.,

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