Saturday, June 11, 2016

Archie #636 Gender Swap Story

Been talking about 'The Great Switcheroo' story in various posts for the last few years, and now you'll get to eyeball the Archie #636 issue in which after hearing an age old argument in Pop's Choklit Shoppe about whether women or men have it easier in life, Sabrina's mischievous cat Salem casts a spell that flips the gender script in Riverdale.

Everyone in town except Sabrina wakes up to a flipped gender roles as Salem watches everything play out through his crystal ball.  Even Hot Dog gets gender swapped to become a female poodle named Haute Dog.

Archie, Reggie, Moose, Dilton and Jughead become Archina, Regina, Mouse, Dilly and JJ.  Moose makes the most radical transition from being a hulking athlete to a petite blonde with the desire to start a women's football team.  . JJ still has her appetite, Regina is a diva pranksters
The gender swap extends to Josie and the Pussycats, who become Joey and the Junkyard Dogs.

Veronica and Betty become Billy and Ronnie, and the love triangle now has them chasing Archina for her affections.   Billy becomes Riverdale's star athlete in the process, and Ronnie is still the rich kid in town trying to use his fiscal advantage to blunt Billy's athletic prowess which as caught Archina's attention
Even Mr. Weathersbee, Pops,  Ms. Beazly and Ms Grundy and the parents are part of the swap..

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