Friday, September 16, 2011

To Retire Or Unretire A SUF Honoree? That Is The Question

One of the features of this blog that many of you TransGriot reads absolutely love is the weekly Shut Up Fool! Awards that I reveal every Friday.   Some of you have even hit me up on my Facebook and Twitter account to suggest people who should win it.

One of the questions I have been pondering lately with the Shut Up Fool awards is in relation to my Shut Up Fool Lifetime Achievement Awards that I give out during Oscar week.

There are some people who say idiotic or stupid stuff so frequently that I started in 2010 giving out a SUF Lifetime Achievement Award to retire them from consideration for the weekly SUF unless they have just said something so 'jump the shark' stupid that I have to call them out for honorable mention    This year I expanded it from a single person to five honorees and herein lies the conundrum. 

One of the people I gave that status last year is running for president, and the other has been flirting with running for it.   That's why Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) hasn't been winning the weekly award lately.   

However, I'm unretiring Michele Bachmann for the duration of the time she is running for the GOP nomination for the presidency.   The unretiring would last until she ends her campaign (or the voters end it for her) making her eligible for week SUF consideration.

She;'s just said so much foul bull feces lately I gots to call her azz out on it.

So what say ye TransGriot readers?   Do you concur with the decision and the parameters of the unretiring I laid out?  Let me know.

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