Friday, September 30, 2011

What Residual Male Privilege?

One of the things I shake my head and laugh at is when I hear that loud and wrong element of radical lesbian feminists hurl that 'residual male privilege' charge in order to justify their obsession that started in the disco era and continues today with gleefully oppressing transwomen.

What residual male privilege? 

However, I could see where a bunch of people who are trying to dismiss and deflect attention away from the fact that they have pearl clutching white female privilege would hurl that charge and if necessary, cry white women's tears to do so in order to deflect attention away from the fact that they gleefully revel in their whiteness and their ability to oppress others. 

Time to school y'all once again. 

When we start transition, the second we swallow our first hormones or take that first depo shot, we are no longer considered part of the 'old boys club' by our male counterparts.. 

That message gets sent early when male bodied people who used to value your opinion or accepted it without question now ignore it or repeatedly interrupt your conversations because that opinion happens to be coming out of a female bodied person.  

And that is breathtakingly made clear to you if you're a transwoman of color

Residual male privilege?  Where?   Maybe that's true of the WWBT's who can't seem to let it go, but for the rest of us, we laugh at the cluelessness of your way off kilter assertion

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