Friday, November 18, 2011

Miss Amazing Philippine Beauties 2011

The finals of the 9th annual Miss Amazing Philippine Beauties trans pageant are happening November 19 (today on our side of the International Date line)  as they determine which of the 25 beauties enyered in this year's contest will walk away with the crown, title and prizes.

The pre-pageant competition was held on November 12 and the finals will be taking place at the Manila Film Center

While the Amazing Philippine Beauties pageant since its inception has only been open to transpinays, the mounting frustrations harbored by transpinays over the Thai-run Miss International Queen pageant and the questionable fairness of it boiled over this year.
Rumors are flying that an international trans pageant based in Manila is about to be inaugurated and that transpinay contestants will boycott the MIQ one in 2012..  
I'll keep you pageant fans posted on those developments and as soon as I discover who won Miss Amazing Philippine Beauties, I'll post the info.

Good luck to all the ladies entered in the 2011 edition of the Miss Amamzing Philippine Beauties competition, and may the best one win.

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