Monday, November 21, 2011

Indian Trans Ceremony Turns Deadly

Indian transpeople who were gathering in New Delhi for an event ended up experiencing a horrific tragedy instead.  

The early on the scene reporting hasn't confirmed whether it was a TDOR, but is reporting it as a three day festival 

The community hall where the event was being held experienced a fire at 7 PM local time that started in the kitchen area and quickly spread through the crowded venue.  There were estimates ranging between 1000-2000 people in attendance at the time the fire started.

Sadly, 14 people were killed with another 40 hospitalized and medical officials expect the death toll will rise because many of the hospitalized people have been admitted with severe burns.   Speculation is faulty wiring caused it, but the fire is being investigated by local officials

Pray for our people there who lost friends, family and loved ones in this tragedy and for the swift recovery of those who suffered injuries during that event.

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