Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Florida Transwoman Arrested For Pumping

I am not a fan of pumping parties much less the pumping procedures, but that's on y'all if you peeps want to trade beauty now for health problems in middle and old age or die to look like Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian. 

Some of the people doing the pumping are transwomen themselves.

Had to shake my head about the latest instance of pumping gone bad and a transwoman making the news because of it.  After a year on the run, Oneal R. Morris was finally caught, arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license with serious bodily injury. 

The incident happened in May 2010 with an unidentified woman paying $700 to have Morris 'pump' her behind so that she could have a curvier body in order to work at a nightclub.  Morris was referred to the woman in question by a friend.

The 30 year old Morris used tubing to inject the woman at several spots in her buttocks with a pumping cocktail comprised of cement, mineral oil and flat tire sealant.  

The woman went to two South Florida hospitals after experiencing severe abdominal pain and infected sores at the pumping sites on her buttocks accompanied by flu like symptoms but was too embarrassed to tell the medical personnel at those hospitals what she'd done.

Finally after being taken by her mother to a hospital on Florida's west coast, the medical staff there pressed the woman for information that they reported to the state Department of Health.

Florida has been cracking down on the pumpers after a publicized wave of people doing pumping back in the early 2k's.  One well publicized incident led to the 2001 death of a 53 year old cis woman named Vera Lawrence and a subsequent toughening of Florida laws against the practice.

But pumping is so lucrative and sought after that Donnie 'Viva' Hendrix, the person convicted along with her then lover Mark Hawkins in the Lawrence case, after being released from prison in November 2005 moved to North Florida, got back in the pumping business and was busted again in 2009

Morris is out on bail as the authorities look for the other people that were pumped.   The woman in question has paid far more than the $700 dollars for the initial procedure.   In addition to the surgeries to reverse the procedure, she's racked up medical bills and is dealing with the pain caused by it.

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