Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sat Out The Houston Women's March Again

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Did you not get the lesson that if your feminism isn't intersectional, you're doing it wrong?
Obviously you didn't, and that's why I and many Houston Black feminine leaders and our allies WON"T be at your little party-TransGriot,  January 19, 2018

And sadly, they STILL don't get it.

That's why when the Houston's Women's March (or whatever they call it now) took place today, I was chilling in my apartment writing and drinking hot chocolate.

Because just like the previous two years, the overwhelmingly white fauxminist centered leadership of it refused to include Black women, reach out to Houston grassroots advocates or the Houston trans community or listen to our concerns.

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On top of that they co-opted a universally recognized symbol for a pagan goddess for their new logo

They refused to acknowledge our concerns in the Houston Black community that this march was not only taking place on MLK weekend, but also starting at the same time as the annual Houston MLK Children's March. 

Once they realized they had a PR problem of their own making, issued an insulting last minute late azz invitation to BLM Houston's Kandice Webber and Ashton Woods to participate.

The day these fauxminists finally decide to center the Houston march on women other than their pink pussy hat wearing selves is the day I finally venture downtown to join it. 

Until you get it through your heads that trans women exist in the Houston area in all our rainbow ethnic shades, and all women of color are at the table when you start the 2020 Houston Women's March planning instead of an oops afterthought invite after you mess up, I'll keep sitting this one out.

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Until you fauxminists get it together, I'll be at Emancipation Park for the March For Black Women  where I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my presence is welcomed, and the invitation has been extended for me and girls like me to participate in it

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