Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Why Was This Pic Considered Spam By Facebook?

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I have much love for my sis Jessica Zyrie.   She's now in a several months long relationship with her boyfriend Alexander, and I couldn't be happier for both of them.

Alexander Lane Miller posted this picture recently on his Facebook page that was limited only to his Facebook feed.  It was not set to public view, and this photo wasn't made public until I published it with their permission in this blog post. 

Hey, I ain't mad at either him or Jessica.  They are an amazing couple, they are obviously to anyone observing them in love with each other,  and I want nothing but the best for both of them. 

They are also both unapologetically trans, and I hope and pray their relationship keeps growing into one that leads to marriage.

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But as you probably guessed, somebody lurking in that comment thread on Alexander's page was hating.   Alexander shockingly received this message from Facebook claiming that someone had reported the pic he posted of himself and his girlfriend as spam and that it went against Facebook's nebulous 'community standards'.   

Really?   A pic of an attractive couple is spam?   Since when?   I guess it's spam or 'against community standards' when it's shining a positive light on Black trans peeps.

FYI Facebook.  The leader of an SPLC certified hate group in Tony Perkins is not the person you need to be taking advice from as to what is or isn't offensive on The Net..

One of the things that pisses me off about Facebook is that it is far too easy for haters to report a post as spam or offensive, and they knee jerk respond to that complaint as if it's valid.

Because they do that, your post gets blocked or taken down as a result.  Once you discover this has happened, and you try to get a real live human there to plead your case or get someone at Facebook to to explain why they came to that decision, it can take days for that conversation to happen.|

Meanwhile the hater is rejoicing because they have succeeded in getting your positive post pulled

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This crap also happens far too often on Facebook to Black people and members of the trans community

Alexander has finally gotten in contact with a human being at Facebook in order to protest the unjust initial decision, and his request to reverse this obviously wrong decision is pending.

And Facebook need to expeditiously right this wrong.

TransGriot Update (12 January)  Was advised by Alexander that Facebook has reversed their decision and the pic is now back up on his feed.

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