Sunday, June 28, 2015

We Trans Peeps Are Just Like You Cis Peeps

Now that our right wing opponents have lost their war on marriage equality, I expect them to shift their time, effort and prodigious funding to attacking the transgender community`s humanity and human rights on a full time basis.

It is the historical nature of conservatism to always find an enemy to organize and rally their troops around to hate.

Once their enemy du jour they pick on grows strong enough to fight back and repeatedly win againsst them, they`ll move on like the bullies they are to pick on somebody else they perceive to be politically and numerically weaker than them to in their minds oppress.

But despite the upturned volume of the Right Wing Noise Machine and their increeasing efforts via FOX Noise and right wing hate radio to demonize trans people, what Americans and the world are beginning to understand is that we trans peeps are part of the diverse mosaic of human life just like cisgender people are.

The right wing will also find out as they engage with us and attempt to halt our human rights progress that we have allies, family and friends who will stand shoulder to shoulder with us to help us fight back against the oppression they wish to impose on us.

We trans people have the same characteristics and personality traits as many of you Homo Sapiens.   We come in all shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds.   We live on every inhabited continent on Planet Earth,   We are people who love and wish to be loved by others.  We are gay, bisexual, pansexual, straight and whatever other sexual orientation possible in our species.  

We are beautiful, intelligent, funny, thoughtful and multitalented.   We are writers, doctors, lawyers, athletes, models, teachers, politicians and parents raising kids.

We are proud of the communities and nations we inhabit, and we transpeeps want the best for our kids that we raise.   We want to live our lives to the best of our ability in careers that we love.   We want to be able to fully participate in the  political systems of our nations and create the laws that govern us.   We want to contribute our talents to bulding our societies.  We want to work, pay our fair share of taxes, join a union and get paid a fair wage while doing so.

We transpeople want to be able to worship a higher power in the manner we choose or not attend a church at all without being falsely labeled by demagoging religious leaders as `dangers to mankind`.

And speaking of bearing false witness against trans people, frankly we are tired of right wing adherents of all denominations pushing transphobia from the pulpit and it needs to stop.

We trans people want affordable trans culturally competent health care  that not only features medical practitioners that treat us with dignity and respect, but also realizes that sometimes we come to the doctor to be treated for other medical issues besides trans oriented ones.

And yes, just like in Cisworld, Trans World has people in it who are selfish jerks, mean azzholes , jealous, vindictive....well you get the drift.   Just as you don`t want us broad brush judging you for being transphobes based on the actions of a few nekulturny individuals, we demand the same level of respect from you.

Don`t start no drama with us, won`t be no drama in return.

The bottom line is that trans peeps are just like cis peeps in terms of just wanting to be the best people we can be while we are spending whatever time we have on this space rock.

And what we want in TransWorld is for you in Cis World to acknowledge our common humanity, accept our right to exist, respect our human rights across the globe, and be left alone by you folks who irrationally hate on us so we can get to the daily business of being the men and women of trans experience we are.

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