Thursday, June 04, 2015

Moni's Thoughts On The Root 8 Trans Women Of Color Doing More Than Being Visible Article

transwomenofcolorI had three major goals when I began my transition in 1994. On of them was wanting to be a visible role model for other girls like me.

The other was I wanted to be considered a complimentary to Black womanhood and not seen as a detriment to it.

The third was wanting to be the best Moni I could be to the point that my trans and cis sisters would be proud of me and whatever I accomplished.

I've been honored with a lot of awards, profiled in articles and added to some lists, but was not expecting to be part of this Samantha Master article in The Root that profiled 8 Trans Women Of Color Doing More Than Being Visible.

Speaks to how long I've been in the movement when I've met or personally know the other seven amazing women who were profiled in this article.

While I'm honored to be one of the people in this article, and I thank everyone for the kudos on my FB page, I can't nor will I let you peeps forget we have some amazing trans women of color leaders across this country and beyond our borders.

Let's not forget we have some powerhouse Latina sisters like Bamby Salcedo, Jennicet Eva GutiĆ©rrez, Arianna Lint, Maria Roman, Joanna Maria Cifredo, Ruby Corado, Johanna Saavedra, and Elizabeth Marie Rivera. just to name a few of them.   

My native Hawaiian sisters like Cathy Taffy, Ashilana Hawelu-Fulgoni, Stacia Ohira, Hina Wong-Kalu, and Maddalyn Ashton Sesepasara and Asian sisters like Kim Coco Iwamoto, Cecilia Chung, Tita Aida, Geena Rocero and Andy Marra.  

Native sisters Mattee Jim, Stella Johnson, Michelle Enfield and Trudie Jackson.

And a shoutout goes to all trans women of color who are yet unknown on a local, statewide or national stage, but are doing their part to lead in their communities and advance our just trans human rights cause.

All trans women of color are representing our overall community not only as leaders, but as leaders role modeling a transition experience formed by their cultural experiences.

Women of Color means more than just a default way to write Black or African-American.

While the media focus may be on Caitlyn Jenner, Trans World, our trans men and allies know who the people are who have been doing the heavy lifting to make it easier for Caitlyn and other to have a community to come out to.and who would have her back when the haters started coming out of the closet.

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