Monday, November 05, 2012

Putting A Conservafool On Blast

Yeah, had one feeling his oats yesterday and believing the conservahype that Mitt Romney will win tomorrow and stepped to me on my FB page.  So yeah, he went where he shouldn't have and I went into Maya Wilkes mode on his azz.

Name of conservafool in question has been removed to protect the guilty, but Moni damned sure does approve of this message.


Dude, you're blind and willfully ignorant, so don't even try to step to me with that typical white conservative male bullshit line of 'the libruls do it too'.

You also suffer under the vanillacentric privileged delusion that you are 'colorblind'   You conservatives like to claim that race doesn't matter, while your actions say the complete opposite.  It is you white conservatives who are far more fixated on race, and you have the unmitigated gall to get huffy when people of color call you on your bullshit and hold the mirror of truth to your asses where you have to confront yourselves and your nekulturny behavior in the mirror.

It is a delusion that people of color in America cannot afford to indulge you on for our own survival in a world hostile to us.   If you as a person of color try to act as if you are white when you cannot ever pass for white, it leads to internalized racism, self-doubt and confusion. The only healthy course of action for our own sanity as people of color is to own it, be proud of it and acknowledge that it is a part of us and our culture. 

Being Black, Latino, Asian, et cetera is not something to “not see” as if it were a matter of shame and it is a calculation we must factor into our political stances as well since y'all have whiteness and the maintenance of white supremacy factored into yours.

Enough of the Sociology 101 you missed in college and back to schooling your ass about conservatism and how it is the political arm of whiteness and white supremacy. 

Your claim that you are 'colorblind' does not insulate or inoculate you from the fact that the party and movement you support is an overwhelmingly white male one.  It engages in actions that are hostile and oppressive to my people's human rights and you and other conservative leaning white males have this nauseatingly repetitive pattern of not only trying to project your behavior on your opponents, you and other whites attempt to ignore and justify what conservatism is doing with the 'libruls do it too' false equivalency line

FYI, liberals do not engage in passing voter suppression laws designed to keep my people from either voting or standing in seven hour lines to do so.   Liberals have not disrespected or insulted an African-American president and his family by using racist rhetoric or ignorantly othering him.  That's all on you conservafools, so own every racist graphic, joke or birther conspiracy theory you've hatched over the last 4 years.   

When you vote for Republicans, you tell me and other African-Americans that you not only agree with that premise that my civil rights don't matter, all you care about is your vanillacentric privilege and your fracking wallet.  

Your votes for conservatives indicate not only your values, it says you support what the party platform stands for as a Republican.   Your vote supports people and a party that thinks it is okay to racially profile people, to force women to have a child conceived in a rape or incest situation to give birth to that child, keep non-whites from voting by any means necessary, eviscerate public education, and others anyone who doesn't look like you, the almighty white male. 

Thar's truth for your ass, and if you turn off Fox Noise and really open your eyes to what's going on you could see that. But sadly, you won't. 

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