Friday, August 24, 2012

Black Trans History Compilations

Thanks for the love y'all have been sending me concerning the recent post I wrote concerning cult actress Ajita Wilson . I found it interesting that she was a #girllikeus and possibly the first trans Jet Beauty of the Week.

While I'm in the midst of a travel day (and see you in a few hours New Yorkers) thought I'd give y'all some more of our history to peruse.

Jowelle De Souza Trini Trans Pioneer

A Look At African American Trans Traliblazers

Black Trans History-Althea Garrison

We Black Trans People Need To Know Our Black Trans History

The Story of Carlett Brown

The Interesting Story Of Gerald Trenton

Sharon Franklin Brown's Story

Musing About Carole Small
Musing About Avon Wilson's Blended Life

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