Thursday, June 04, 2009

Update on KRXQ-FM Hate Jocks

The KRXQ-FM transhaters are feeling the heat from calls and e-mail coming from around the world. Major advertisers are yanking commercials from the show as well.

After a weak azz non-apology for their hateful transphobic comments, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Chipotle Mexican Restaurants and Sonic Corp. Inc have pulled their advertising from KRXQ-FM.

And note to KRXQ-FM fans of the show. You cannot hide behind the First Amendment and advocate violence against transpeople or ANY ethnic minority. As I can painfully tell you from my people's history, when you are part of a minority group, people who advocate violence against you cannot be brushed off with a 'I was making a joke'.

Words even up hurting and killing people. Hateful words unchecked can eventually lead to the genocide of a minority group by the tyrannical majority.

So keep up the pressure. The haters must know that attacking transkids is not going to be tolerated by this community, much less attacks on us.

If you wanna claim the vanilla-flavored cisprivileged right to say whatever you want about transpeople, don't get mad when we exercise the same rights to call your behinds out about it.

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