Friday, June 12, 2009

Shut Up Fool! Awards-Lateisha Green Memorial Edition

Well, the trial of Lateisha Green's alleged killer Dwight DeLee is due to start July 13 in Syracuse, NY. You wouldn't know it based on the deafening silence that's coming from New York state. Even the news cycle ain't helping in terms of the multiple events going on.

Well, Teish, even if I'm the only one covering it or even mentioning your trial from now until the end, I'll proudly do so. Hopefully you and your family will receive justice despite the almost nonexistent news coverage.

We dedicate this week's edition of skewering fools to your memory.

Now let's move on from the trial to convicting and sentencing fools in the Court of Public Opinion.

There were many worthy fools who committed crimes against common sense and decency this week. But this week it goes to Neal Boortz, another right wing radio hater bucking to get banned in Britain as well.

He's had his hate on for New Orleans peeps in the wake of Hurricane Katrina's devastating 2005 landfall there. Instead of calling out the incompetence of the Bush administration, the beyond piss poor crisis management, and the seizure of this disaster to do some partisan political machinations of the recovery in order to turn Louisiana red, he attacks the residents of New Orleans instead.

Neal Boortz, shut up, fool!

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