Thursday, November 01, 2012

Mia Nikasimo: Transgender Community As An African In The Diaspora

One of the things I love to highlight is trans voices of the African Diaspora, and one of those voices from the Mother Continent speaking eloquently for people on the second largest continent on the planet has been Nigerian Mia Nikasimo..

Not only do I enjoy reading their words and wanting to learn about their perspectives of being a transperson in various nations on the African continent,  as a child of the African Diaspora I extend an open invitation to my Diaspora trans brothers and trans sisters there, the Caribbean and elsewhere to guest post here if you feel the need to do so. 

But here's a taste of what Mia had to say about the subject.

When I think of the plight of the transgender community as an African in the Diaspora I’m reminded of all those little murders that happen daily in the name of propriety or why most of them happen in the western world. In Africa most transgender people are underground so nobody knows any better but as a friend argues it is no surprise. “If African transgender people were out they’d suffer the same plight as their sistren and brethren in the west,” and don’t we know it?

This post she wrote at Black Looks definitely needs to be signal boosted.

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