Monday, April 30, 2018

A Black Trans Man Is Running For The Nevada State Assembly!

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The breakthrough victories of Councilmembers Phillipe Cunningham and Andrea Jenkins in Minneapolis last year have given hope to other Black trans people who have contemplated running for public office they can also successfully run for office and win.

Now comes word that LaDon Henry is seeking to become the first trans masculine person elected to the state legislature in Nevada. 

We have already had a trans feminine person in Nevada attempt to run and win a legislative seat in that state.  Lauren Scott made three runs at a Reno area Nevada legislative seat as a Republican. and became in 2014 the first trans candidate in Nevada to win a party primary.   She was defeated in her last two attempts in the 2014 and 2016 general election cycles to win the District 30 seat.

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The 41 year old Army veteran, husband of Shalonda, small business owner and radio host was like many trans people running for office.   Henry was motivated by Trump getting elected president and his well founded fears of what 45 would do to roll back TBLGQ legislative protections.

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The first time candidate is running for the District 42 seat in the Las Vegas metro area being vacated by Assemblywoman Irene Bustamante Adams (D), who decided not to seek reelection to a fourth term .

The Clark County district has a 2-1 Democratic registration advantage, and Henry has two challengers in his District 42 Democratic primary in Alexander Aseefa and Kathleen Lauckner

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Henry, true to his 'No Voice Left Unheard' campaign slogan,  has stated if he wins, he'll focus on improving Nevada's education system, diversifying the economy, and fighting for underrepresented communities like ex-prisoners, at risk youth and immigrants.

"It wasn't just me being transgender that made me want to run.  There are so many different marginalized communities right now that don't feel like citizens,"said Henry.

Because no Republican filed to run in District 42, the winner of the June 12 primary will become the successor to the retiring Assemblywoman Adams

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Henry would also be if he is successful, not only the first out trans person elected to the Nevada state legislature, he would be the first Black trans masculine state legislator.

As of right now Henry hasn't been endorsed by the Nevada Democratic Party or any other political groups, but that may change as we get closer to the June 12 Nevada Primary

Here's hoping that Henry makes history and becomes another Black trans elected official!

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