Monday, April 09, 2018

'TransGriot Weekly With Monica Roberts' Show Is ON

You TransGriot readers have been asking me from time to time when was I going to do more video?
Thanks to the folks at Koncept Kit, your wish has come true!

I'm now doing a show called TransGriot Weekly with Monica Roberts in which I talk about trans and other news issues locally, in Texas, the US and internationally. 

Like the blog, I'll also comment about things that grab my attention, and yes, I'll do a Video Shut Up Fool Award on a biweekly basis. 

And as the show grows and evolves, I'll look at along with the production team at doing interviews as well.

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I'm now six weeks into it, and it has been an interesting experience going from writing about the news to choosing what stories need to go on the air to talk about and delivering them with a camera rolling. 

The best part is I'm having a lot of fun doing so.. 

You can find the show's Facebook page, like it abd check out the video episodes I've done so far at this link.

And yes, once you've seen them, share them as well. 

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