Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Trans Teen Prom Queen Crowned In Wisconsin

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Despite the best efforts of the evilgelicals and Republicans, transgender people continue to make our mark on American society and give the middle finger to those efforts to erase us from society.

One of the more memorable events of your time in high school if you attended it is your prom. With more trans people transitioning in elementary, middle and high school, this news is going to pop up more often.

A TransGriot shoutout goes to Nikko Nelson of Mequon, WI.   She was crowned last Saturday as Homestead High School's prom queen.  The high school junior may think she's not a trailblazer in her town of 25,000 people, but anytime that you are living your trans life in America, that's exactly what you are.

What's even better for me and all her trans elders to hear is that Nelson's prom queen win happened without controversy or drama.

Nelson transitioned in middle school, and wore her first dress at her eighth grade graduation ceremony.  Now she has been elected prom queen by her classmates.

As Nikko said in an interview, "I didn't win prom queen for being a transgender girl.  I won it because I was Nikko Nelson."

Congratulations sis for doing so, and continued good fortune and success in your future life. 


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