Tuesday, April 17, 2018

'Dear White People' Returns May 4

One of the things I get to celebrate on my upcoming Cuatro de Mayo birthday besides getting another year older is the return of the Netflix television show Dear White People for its second season.

Dear White People Season 2 Teaser
The show stars Logan Browning from VH1's Hit The Floor as Samantha White, and she's back behind the Winchester University radio mic to critique along with her Black classmates at this PWI all the things the see on and off campus from their eyes.

In season two's ten episodes they will tackle the alt-right white supremacists, do battle with online trolls and dealing with integration of their previously all Black dorm 

Will we see more 'Defamation', the show's parody of Scandal?   Good question. 

It's one that will be answered on May 4

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