Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trump's Disrespectful 'Black Outreach' DOA In Black America

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Faced with polls showing he is losing white female voters he needs to even have a prayer of competing against Sec. Hillary Clinton, the new Trump campaign team rolled out a 'Black outreach' that is as cynical, racist and disrespectful to us as the Attwater 'Southern Strategy' was.

Trump has for the last few days been reciting a 'What do you have to lose?' talking point in pitching his train wreck of a campaign to Black voters from white suburbia '

What do we have to lose in Black America?   The more accurate question is what will we gain by giving our precious votes to Donald Trump?

Donald Trump at a rally in Ottumwa, Iowa (Evan Guest/Flickr)
Absolutely nothing.

That pitch was DOA even if white conservative pundits and Republican operatives love it.  The problem is we peeped Trump's racist game a long time ago, and you conservafools keep thinking that Black people are as gullible and stupid as your base is.

News flash, we aren't.   We know this tone deaf to us so-called outreach is only geared toward getting white folks who want to vote for Trump but are hesitant to do so not only because of the racist anti- Black, Latinx and Muslim rhetoric coming out of his mouth on the campaign trail, but because of the unrepentant Confederate flag waving racists, bitter bigots and white supremacists who have embraced his campaign and are buying the 'Make America Great Again' snake oil he's selling.

As Bernie Sanders found out a few months ago, we Black voters have long memories, and will punish your azz at the polls for any sign of disrespect, no matter how long ago it was.

We Black Americans have a long list of grievances to punish Trump for, starting with the 1973 DOJ lawsuit for violations of the Fair Housing Act aimed at our people.

Image result for dump donald trump memesThere was also Trump's racist rhetoric and actions during the 1989 Central Park Five case that resulted in these Black kids being jailed despite all the evidence pointing to them being innocent and not being exonerated until the actual perpetrator of the rape.

Black women haven't forgotten how Trump opened his mouth in 1992 to slime Desiree Washington in Mike Tyson's defense during the Indiana rape case in which he was eventually convicted.  

Then there's Trump's more recent racist crime in our eyes of being the Birther In Chief leading the ludicrous attacks on President Obama's birth certificate.

And don't even get me started about what Black LGBTQ people think of Trump.  That's another post.

So do you think we Black Americans want this man who became the Republican nominee because of white resentment politics on steroids to succeed the first African-American US president he spent several years demonizing?

Hell No!  Black America is gearing up to make sure that on November 8 we do our part to ensure we hear the words 'President -elect Hillary Clinton' on that date.

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