Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tracee McDaniel To Be Appointed To ATL Citizens Review Board

#BlackTransExcellence is breaking out all over lately!

Was pleased to hear the news coming out of the ATL that my sis Tracee McDaniel will be appointed by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed on Friday to the city's police civilian review board.

The ACRB is charged with providing citizen oversight any time there is an accusation of misconduct against sworn members of Atlanta's police or corrections departments.    

"I am pleased to appoint McDaniel to serve on the Atlanta Citizen Review Board," said Mayor Reed. "As a lifelong advocate for the transgender community, Ms. McDaniel will bring an important perspective and a lifetime of experience to this role. It is always important to have minority voices in the room, and our LGBTQ community has a tremendous stake in positive police-community relations."

So proud of Tracee getting this appointment and being the representative for the Atlanta LGBTQ community on their ACRB.   She will do an amazing job, and is determined to do so.

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