Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Transgender National Alliance Becomes TransGriot Technology Sponsor

Transgender National Alliance
TransGriot has not only been around for ten years, it is also the only award winning continuously publishing blog dedicated to trans issues with an emphasis on discussing the issues of trans people of color..  

Megathanks to the 6.4 million of you here and around the world who have repeatedly surfed by TransGriot to peruse my posts and commentary since January 1, 2006.  I also thank those of you who recommend my blog to your influence circles.

TransGriot has navigated a move from being based in Kentucky to my hometown and birth state of Texas.   It has outlasted three computers and me from time to time getting a timely donation here and there on that TransGriot Tip Jar button on the upper left hand side of the blog to help me pay for maintenance on those old refurbished or donated to me computers, internet access or travel expenses to help me as I cover many of the events you see me write about on these electronic pages.

But I have never had the fiscal flexibility or ability to get the new computers and the smartphone I needed to step up my blogging game on behalf of the community until now.

Working on the fiscal stability aspect of that now, but took a giant step forward on the technology end.

Thanks to the Houston based Transgender National Alliance, I now have a new Lenovo 100S ideapad computer and an LG K10 smartphone to replace my starter LG Leon smartphone thanks to their offer to become an Official Technology Sponsor for the blog.

It's the first out of the box computer I have owned since 1996, and it has been fun for me having a new one that I've been getting used to over the last two weeks that not only has Windows 10, but Word 2016

I also appreciate how light this Lenovo 100S ideapad computer is, and that matters when you are traveling as much as I do every year to different events.

One of the misconceptions about blogging is that it is a license to print money.  No, it's not. it's hard work.  I put a lot of hours into getting you fresh content to read and even more hours of research to make sure your posts are as accurate as possible.

As I like to say, I'd rather be accurate than first with a post.

Social justice blogs don't make hand over fist money like some gossip blogs do because we are in the business of speaking truth to power, and sometimes those posts calling out stuff will piss people off.

I deeply appreciate TNA for graciously offering to do so, and as a reminder, I welcome $5, $10< $20 or whatever you can contribute to help me keep TransGriot going.  

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