Thursday, August 04, 2016

'I Am Cait' Cancelled

Won't have to worry or be pissed off about Caitlyn Jenner making future TV trips to Houston to ignore local trans activists any more.   Multiple reports and chatter is coming out of Hollywood stating I Am Cait is being cancelled after two seasons due to low ratings..

I Am Cait started off with over 2.7 million viewers, but has had a steep falloff to 800,000 viewers this season from those initial lofty first season numbers due to several factors.

There is a trans community backlash against it because of Jenner's constant missteps with our community that we finally got fed up with.   Jenner's fab lifestyle doesn't match much of the way that trans folks do live their lives, and has angered others.  Toss in her revelation that she is a Republican followed up by her laughable assertion that the GOP has been supportive of trans rights issues.

It's an assertion not supported by current political reality like HB2 and politicians with the GOP label gleefully oppressing trans people..

People have also not been happy about controversial comments from Jenner about her ex-wife Kris, and there's also the Hateraid people have for Cait's Kardashian stepdaughters that's probably part of the reason why the show's ratings are sinking.

And it's not helping that you have the very popular Jazz Jennings with a reality show following her fascinating teen life on TLC.

So not surprised I Am Cait is now I Am Cancelled

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