Thursday, August 04, 2016

Moni's In The NABJ-NAHJ Convention House!

Well people, I'm at this moment sitting in the Washington Marriott Wardman Park hotel. I'm registered and ready to get my learn on for this joint NABJ-NAHJ conference.  Got up early this morning so I could beat the rush and get registered for it.

Looking forward to seeing the speech that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will be delivering to this conference of 4000 African American and Latinx journalists tomorrow.   Donald Trump was invited, but doubt he is going to want to appear at not only a media conference, but one chock full of media people who are members of two of the ethnic groups he has demonized during his train wreck of a campaign.

And I'm pleased and honored to have gotten an opportunity to be here, meet some people in the various seminars and watch the plenary sessions.  

This is one in which I get to wander around and just soak in the atmosphere instead of being one of the headlining participants as I'm used to being.  

It was also cool after four years of conversing with him on Facebook, I FINALLY get to meet Alberto Mendoza, who is now the head of the National Assn of Hispanic Journalists and a busy man around here working to keep the convention trains running on time.

Well, time to check out some of the interesting panels, represent our community and wander this historic hotel.

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