Thursday, August 18, 2016

Our Trans Parents Need Love, Too

Out of the hundreds of people that I have met during my two decades plus trans journey, some of the people I have major props, love and respect for are the parents of transgender kids.

Whether they are high profile ones like Jeanette Jennings, Wayne Maines, or Kim Pearson, emerging leaders like Debi Jackson and DeShanna Neal, ones in my Lone Star backyard like Ann Elder and Kimberly Shappley, or parents who are active in the secret online groups but choose to be non disclosed for now, may I remind everyone in Trans World that raising a child is not an easy job to begin with.

Raising a trans child comes with its own set of challenges.  It's getting tougher now that the Republican Party and conservative movement, being the reprehensible bullies they are, have now resorted to attacking the humanity of our trans youth and their parents for their negligible political gain.

So yes Trans World, it's past time we collectively send some love and appreciation to all the trans parents this morning and every day beyond today's date.  

Let's be real, there are times we trans elders don't say thank you enough for our trans parents who have the courage in this moment when hostility and anti-trans hatred is needlessly being stirred up, to be the fierce warriors our trans kids of all ages need to ensure they grow up to be productive, healthy and happy adults.

I'll get a chance to support my local trans parents in a few weeks at the Gender Infinity Conference here in Houston, and hope my trans family in the Houston metro area will join me in doing so.

I am also making it clear that I stand with our trans parents here in Texas and around the country as they seek to make this world a better place for their kids to survive and thrive in and will continue to do my part to make that better world happen.

I would also encourage my trans siblings to make it your mission to support the trans parents, our allies, and the people and organizations that are giving trans parents the spaces and support systems they need to not only raise their kids, but deal with the slings and arrows they get from society for simply doing so.

Thank you Mama Bears and Papa Bears for being there for our trans younglings, and in many cases for us trans elders who are on the front lines fighting the powers that be to make the world better for your kids.

Trans parents need love, too.  If nobody else on this planet will give them that love and support, then trans family, we need to be the first in line doing so.

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