Tuesday, August 30, 2016

20 Reasons I'm With Her

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While surfing the Net and Facebook I ran across the commentary of a far left wing Hillary hater who challenged Clinton supporters to come up with twenty reasons why we're supporting her.

Is that all?   That's an easy enough challenge.  Here's a list of 112 reasons someone else came up with. Here we go with mine..

1. She is the most qualified person since John Quincy Adams to run for president.

2. Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States.

3.  I don't want Donald Trump's short tempered ignorant behind anywhere near the US nuclear launch codes.

4.  Jill Stein is even less qualified for the presidency than Donald Trump is.

5.  She would the the first ever female POTUS and it's past time we had a woman leader in the Oval Office.

6.  She has served as a two term senator for New York and Secretary of State under President Obama.

7.    As POTUS she would pick the next four Supreme Court justices and federal judges for the next four years

8.   I'm sick of the misogyny, 1990's era conservalies and unjustified hatred being aimed at her.

Image result for Texans for Hillary logo9.   Hillary Clinton while working for Marian Wright Edelman went undercover in Alabama to get the info Edelman needed to get the Nixon administration to yank the tax exemptions from the discriminatory private segregation academy schools set up in Southern states to duck Brown v Board.

10. This 2016 election will determine the course of this nation and the shape of the federal judiciary and SCOTUS for the next 30-40 years.  

11. I want her to succeed the first Black POTUS.

12.  Gary Johnson is not an option either. He's basically a Republican ashamed to claim the label, and not an option for me in this critical election cycle.

13.  She has since 1992 done battle with the right wingers and won, including last year when the GOP controlled House had her sit through 11 hours of fake Benghazi scandal testimony and made them look stupid in the process.   That's a quality I want to see in a Democratic POTUS.

14.  When she worked on the McGovern campaign in 1972 to register Black and Latinx voters, her and Bill's organizing was done in South Texas.

15.  She understands the issues impacting my community.

16.  She would have the respect of the international community from the nanosecond she took the oath of office as president.

17.  I'm sick of the Hillary hatred from the Green Tea Party far left.

18.  She has repeatedly declared on the world state that LGBT rights are human rights

19.  She fought to get universal single payer healthcare passed in 1993.

20. #ImWithHer,  I'm/a Texan for Hillary and have been since February 16.

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