Saturday, August 13, 2016

Paxton's Unjust Anti-Trans Lawsuit Being Heard In Federal Court

School is about to start in the over 1000 independent school districts in Texas and elsewhere, and our indicted GOP Attorney General Ken Paxton, fresh off a loss from his futile defense of the unjust Texas voter suppression law has now turned his attention toward oppressing trans people.

Yesterday Paxton asked for an expedited ruling in their federal lawsuit they have filed against the DOE/DOJ Dear College letter guidelines that encourage school districts to not discriminate against their transgender students.

But since the Republican Party is now politically invested in oppressing transgender people for their nefarious political gain, of course he would lead twelve other Republican controlled states in the effort.

The case is being heard in Judge Reed O'Connor's court in Fort Worth, and I'm nervous about it because this judge is a GW Bush appointee and has an anti-LGBT rights history.

However, the fact that after a two hour hearing Judge O'Connor didn't issue a ruling in either direction may be a good sign.

But until he actually announces it, it could go either way.  Because of this judge's anti-LGBT history and being a GW Bush appointee, I'm not expecting positive news out of Fort Worth

We'l see if Judge O'Connor rejects Paxton's and attorney Austin Nimock's argument that the federal government has usurped the authority of states and schools by requiring that sexes must be mixed in  'intimate areas' like bathrooms.

The administration is arguing that discrimination against transgender students violates federal nondiscrimination statutes, violates Title IX, and gives transgender students the right to use their prefered bathroom in public school, and requires schools to treat a students gender identity as the student's sex for the purposes of Title IX compliance.

I have an idea what Republicans like Paxton and his transphobic friends have historically done in bathrooms since they are so overly fixated on them.

But we are tired of in Trans World the GOP doing nonstop fear mongering about them.

Texas so far has not only jumped the gun by filing this lawsuit before the DOE/DOJ guidelines have had time to be enacted so we can see their effects in real time, but have also not shown so far how the DOE/DOJ guidelines have 'irreparably harmed Texas and the other states suing for the right to continue to oppress trans children.

This is also about Texas and its 12 co -conspirators wanting to continue to hate on President Obama by any means necessary, Dan patrick and Greg Abbott trying to divert attention from their SB 14 court loss, and Paxton trying to deflect from his own legal problems at the expense of our human rights.

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