Friday, November 29, 2013

Shut Up Fool Awards-Carving Up Jive Turkeys Edition

(Burp) I'm still full from my Thanksgiving grub out yesterday and still have a few days worth of food in the fridge I brought home from Mom's house to pig out on when I get hungry later today.. 

Some of you were probably hitting the malls or strip centers to go take advantage of your day after Thanksgiving shopping. (I hate the term 'Black Friday')

You'll note I brought back a term from my 70's teen years to name this edition of this week's Shut Up Fool awards. 

So what's a jive turkey?   If you got called a 'jive turkey' back in the disco era, it wasn't complimentary.   It meant they were insinuating you were stupid, you didn't know what the hell you were talking about, or  BSed your way through situations.

Hmm, perfect term to name an after Thanksgiving Shut Up Fool Awards post don't you think?  

So let's get right to discovering what jive turkey or jive turkeys I get to carve up this week.

Honorable Mention Number one are the 13 retailers who used to be closed on Thanksgiving Day who opened for Thanksgiving this year simply because they have six less shopping days for Christmas because Turkey Day falling late this year.

And to the people in the comment sections trying to justify ruining the holidays of retail employees by trying to equate it to working as a first responder or in the hospitality or travel industry, bull feces.   A hospital, fire station, police station or airport being open on Thanksgiving is a societal necessity.  Wal-Mart or Best Buy being open so you can get a TV at $50 off isn't.

Honorable Mention Number two is DeKalb County, GA who had “slave” listed as an occupational choice in a new online juror questionnaire. 

Honorable Mention Number three is Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt.  This Pharisee recently went off the gun nut deep end and claimed he had found firearms in the Bible, and it was proof that God was “judging” unarmed Americans and “blessing” the gun owners.

Yeah, right.   You fetishistic gun owners will do and say anything to justify your paranoid gun culture lifestyle including making up Scripture as you go along.       

Honorable mention number four is French ELLE fashion editor Jeanne Deroo, who mde herself look like a fool and posted a picture of herself on Instagram in blackface.

What I have to say about is basically encapsulated in my July 7 'I Repeat: White People Doing Blackface Drag Is Not Acceptable, Period!' post.
"North American Black people have a zero tolerance policy toward any manifestation of white people in blackface, whether it is maliciously racist or not.

We don't care if you are a drag performer, a model doing a high fashion photo shoot, somebody doing so as a badly thought out Halloween costume or drunken white college kids perpetuating negative stereotypes of African descended people in the name of fun and frivolity. You need to get it through your vanillacentric privileged minds blackface is offensive to African descended people and there is no justification in our chococentric minds for doing so."
And Jeanne, that blackface look on you is not chic nor fashion forward, it was tres tacky.
Kathy SvensonThis week's Shut Up Fool award winner is Katherine Svenson, the transphobic Delta County, CO school board member who parted her lips to say trans kids need castration before they are allowed near bathrooms.  

It also turned out Kathy (surprise, surprise) has connections to anti-TBLG groups like Phyllis Schafly's Eagle Forum and is the founder of an anti-BTLG group called TellASIA.

Never mind the fact the issue has already been decided because Colorado is one of 17 states along with the District of Columbia that outlaw discrimination based on gender identity, and the Colorado Civil Rights Division on June 17 already ruled on this matter in favor of trans students in the Coy Mathis case.

Trans haters gotta hate...   

Katherine Svenson, Shut Up you jive turkey, er fool!  
On June 17, 2013, the Colorado Division of Civil Rights issued a ruling which makes Svenson’s fears rooted in extremist talking-points irrelevant. Additionally, the Florence, Colorado School Board just dismissed the Pacific Justice Institute’s claims that trans kids harass non-trans kids by their mere presence. - See more at:

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