Sunday, November 10, 2013

Houston LGBT Hater Dave Wilson Masquerades As Black Person To Get Elected

Dave Wilson via screencapI know the Republicans are shady enough to pull some crap like this because back in the 80's here in Texas and elsewhere in the South they used to run in Democratic primaries and if they survived them, wait until they got elected in the general election, then switch parties. 

But they may have hit a new low in this recent election cycle. 

With the opportunity they were presented by the Texas Voter ID Voter Suppression law, they went after 24 year Houston Community College board member Bruce Austin.

Dave Wilson is a longtime Republican, Tea Klux Klan member who ran in the 2011 mayor's an an anti-gay platform.   He knew he had no shot in Hades of getting elected in a predominately African-American district with that record if he showed his face.  But because Houston civic elections are non-partisan and party labels aren't placed on the ballot behind the person's name, that aided and abetted this chicanery of misrepresenting himself as a Black person.  

Wilson's flier he passed out in the community were decorated with photographs of smiling African-American faces -- which he readily admits he just lifted off websites -- and captioned with the words "Please vote for our friend and neighbor Dave Wilson."

The fliers also implied he had support from longtime Democratic State Rep Ron Wilson, who long ago lost credibility in the African-American community and his seat in 2004 to current state Rep Alma Allen for being too cozy with GOP legislators and supporting the 2003 Delaymandering.

And Wilson's reprehensible strategy allowed him to win a six year term on the HCC board by only 26 votes

The HCC board has come under justified and intense criticism for some questionable insider business deals and spending choices.  They are legitimate questions to ask and run on during a campaign.
HCC Board of Trustees
But if you're pissed off about what's been happening on the HCC board and want to run to get on that body to change it, don't deceive people.

The fact that Dave Wilson cynically did so is not something to be cheered, it's something that goes against the very spirit of democracy that Republicans and Tea Klux Klan types claim they love so much.   It also speaks volumes about Wilson's own lack of character and how confident he is that his conservative political philosophies can win in the marketplace of ideas with my people.  

And it gives African-American voters in my hometown, my home state and beyond its borders another reason to despise Republicans and conservatism.

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