Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Naw Don Lemon, I'd Rather Not Be Harassed By The Po-Po's Period

View this content on HuffPost Media's websiteDon Lemon must either love getting called out by Black Twitter for the problematic crap he says, is  angling for a contract on Fox Noise when his current CNN one is up, or is spending too much time after work hanging around with SE Cupp and Erin Burnett.  

In his TJMS radio commentary about today's New York City mayoral election that was also posted on Blackamericaweb.com he parted his lips to say that the choice facing New York City voters concerning the hated stop-and-frisk policy is would you rather be politically correct or safe and alive?

Naw Don, the answer to that question is I'd rather not be harassed by the po-po's period. 

Lemon asserted in his TJMS commentary that there are many among the minority community who believe “in theory” that “we’d rather be inconvenienced by being stopped by police than shot by gun-wielding criminals on the street.” However, Lemon said, it’s become too easy for police to become “so drunk with power that they abuse it.”

If NYPD was searching white people in their neighborhoods the same way they do non-white people, that's the only way I and other African-Americans wouldn't have a problem with Stop and Frisk.   But we know what the reality is.  These stop and frisk searches you're so gung ho about aren't happening in New York's predominately white neighborhoods. . 

But you had a different reaction to stop and frisk in 2001 when it happened to you. You also admitted in the TJMS commentary the other downside to the policy in terms of the all too tempting ability of police officers to abuse it.       

It's obvious to every African-American in New York City and this country except you that stop-and-frisk needs to die.  It was obvious to Federal District Judge Shira Scheindlin who declared it unconstitutional

Don, it's not being 'politically correct' to be upset at being unconstitutionally harassed by the police in your own neighborhoods because of a policing strategy that does nothing to lower the city's crime rate, but everything to raise your level of animus and hatred toward the police.   

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