Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First Ever Houston Black Trans Organized TDOR Event Tomorrow

Dee Dee WattersDee Dee Watters noticed what other people (myself included) in the community had in terms of many of the fallen trans people being memorialized at TDOR events being Black and Latina and the TDOR memorial services not doing a good enough job reflecting the diversity of the community.

She believed it was past time for the Houston African-American trans community to hold a Transgender Day of Remembrance memorial event of its own to honor our fallen sisters and got busy making it happen.

Dee Dee's efforts to make that event become a reality received a major boost when the radically inclusive Progressive Open Door Christian Center, which ministers to a predominately African-American TBLG congregation agreed and offered their church sanctuary for the TDOR event Watters was organizing.  .

The result is tomorrow night at 7 PM CST a little Texas trans history being made inside Loop 610 as the first ever African-American trans organized TDOR event in Houston kicks off near the Texas Southern University campus .

Progressive Open Door Christian Center holds its services in the St Luke The Evangelist Episcopal Church just east of the TSU campus at 3530 Wheeler Avenue and Sampson Streets.

After the conclusion of the TDOR memorial service at 9 PM, there will be a panel discussion with trans community members discussing their lives, their struggles and answering questions about the 'T' end of' the TBLG community.

All are welcomed to attend this first ever event, and the TransGriot will be in the house for this TDOR memorial.  Hope to see you there.

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