Saturday, November 23, 2013

Run Leticia Run!

If I had an inkling at the time I booked my trip to San Antonio for their TDOR I could have stayed through the weekend and this next historical event was going to happen, I probably would have eagerly done so.

Texas state Senator Wendy Davis is already running for the governors chair of the Lone Star State and if the political chatter I heard while I was in San Antonio is accurate, there is going to be an announcement made that will make me,  Wendy Davis and liberal-progressive Texans very happy.

State Senator Leticia Van De Putte is having an event this morning at San Antonio College starting at 10 AM CST to announce her what many people suspect (myself included) decision to run for Lt. Governor of Texas and set up the all female Dream Team at the top of the Democratic party ticket.

Senator Van De Putte has served in the Texas legisalture since 1990  and first elected to the Texas Senate in a special election in 1999 to State Senate District 26 based in downtown San Antonio.  

During the recently concluded 83rd regular session of the Texas Legislature, she was elected President Pro Tem of the Texas Senate by her colleagues and had the privilege of serving as Governor for a Day (on my birthday).  The other cool thing about her is that she has been a enthusiastic ally for the trans community and one of her representatives was at the San Antonio TDOR Thursday night.   

The best part of this no lose scenario is unlike Sen. Davis, because Sen. Van De Putte wasn't scheduled to run for her Senate District 26 seat until 2016, she would not have to leave the Texas Senate if she chose to run for a statewide office. 

So if she's going to take her first shot at a statewide office and attempt to become the first ever Latina Lt Governor, this is the best opportunity to do so. 

We'll know for sure after 10 AM and I'll have the link to the webcast on this post, but all I have to say about it is Run Leticia Run!..

TransGriot Update: Yes, Leticia's running for Lt. Governor!

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