Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Trans Pageant Diva Wanted For Silicone Pumping

Armani Nicole Davenport is a two decade decorated veteran of the trans pageant circuits in Texas, Louisiana and Georgia. 

She has won a long list of titles that include Miss Black Continental Plus in 2009,  being third alternate at Miss Gay USofA@ Large 2009, Miss Texas FFI at Large 2010 and most recently a third alternate finish at the Miss Gay Texas USof A 2014 pageant in Dallas.

But if New Orleans Police get their way, the only title the Louisiana-born Davenport will be competing for is Miss Imprisoned Pumper 2014.

The New Orleans Police Department have filed a warrant for the arrest of the 32 year old Davenport, who is wanted on a count of negligent injuring in connection with an October 24 silicone pumping that went badly wrong and left a woman in a coma.

A conviction for negligent injuring can carry a maximum fine of $5,000 and a six-month prison sentence.

Davenport is believed to have injected silicone into the hips and buttocks of two unidentified women late last week at a home in Gert Town on that date.

Armani Nicole DavenportAccording to a report in the Baton Rouge Advocate, the women voluntarily received hip and buttocks silicone injections at a home in the 1200 block of South Salcedo St. around 1:15 AM.  

One of the women left the home around 3 AM and returned two hours later to find her friend in respiratory distress and called paramedics.   She told them as they took her friend the a nearby hospital that she thought the silicone injections were to blame and someone known to both of them as Armani or Mani from Dallas was the person who administered the injections.

The woman in distress was in critical conditional and comatose when the police report was compiled on October 25.  A friend of the comatose woman stated in a WWL-TV interview that this was the second time in a week she had received a silicone injection. 

Davenport was born in Baton Rouge but is a Dallas resident.  New Orleans PD suspect she may be hiding in the New Orleans area and are asking anyone with information about Davenport’s whereabouts to call New Orleans police detective Ed Johnson at (504) 658-6060 or Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111. 

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