Friday, November 15, 2013

Shut Up Fool Awards-'The Best Man Holiday' Release Edition

File:The Best Man Holiday.jpgIn addition to today being another anniversary of my sister Latoya's 21st birthday (Happy birthday sis!), the long awaited and anticipated release of the sequel to the 1999 Best Man movie hits the multiplexes today.

Don' care what the reviews have to say about The Best Man Holiday, been waiting almost 15 years to see Lance, Mia, Harper, Jordan, Quentin, Julian, Candy, Robyn and Shelby hit the screen and what their lives are like after the original movie ended.

Already checked and many of the theaters I like to hit are pretty much sold out, so don't be surprised on Monday if you hear that it was the number one movie this weekend.

And Hollywood, if you want to make money I suggest you get busy greenlighting more of these films and even catching up with Black novelists and turning some of their books into screenplays.  You can only do so many movies based on comic book characters.  

Now if you make the Black Panther one I might retract that last statement.  But I know y'all don't want to greenlight a movie with the technologically advanced fictional African nation of Wakanda and its kick ass ruler, so I'll have to aim lower. 

So when can I see the sequel to Love Jones at my neighborhood multiplex?

Now that I've finished jibber-jabbering about Hollywood and its lack of soul in its movies, let's segue from talking about movies to talking about what fool, fools or group of fools will walk away with this week's Shut Up Fool Award.   I had a lot of fools to sort through as usual this week and needed extra time to do so. 

Honorable Mention number one we went north of the border for in Toronto's crackhead mayor Rob Ford.  Just a matter of time before they remove him from office

Honorable Mention number two goes across the Pond to merry old England and Andrea Minichiello Williams, the head of Christian Concern, the christobigot org there.  

She made the mind numbing statement that Stonewall should be helping them put anti-gay advertisements on London's city buses.   Yeah, really.  Stonewall should be an willing agent in their own oppression.

Let's head back to our shores for Honorable Mention number three in Sandy Rios.   She parted her lips to claim that the gay waiter in Overland Park, KS who received a hate message instead of a tip was 'a ruse to help ENDA pass'.   

Guess those ten GOP senate votes were a ruse along with another couple in New Jersey that showed their 'christian' love by dispensing christohate instead of a tip on a $93.55 meal.

Honorable mention number four goes to Bradlee Dean, this wannabee Limbaugh clone who said, 'Liberals belong in prison because that's where they want to go.'

Naw where I want to go is the Texas Legislature or Congress so I can repeal all of your BS conservalegislation and pass common sense laws that help everyone.

Honorable mention number five is Sarah Palin.  I had to pull Palin out of SUF retirement and call her ass out for some jaw droppingly ignorant statements comparing the national debt to slavery.  Then Caribou Barbie doubled down on her racist ignorance by stating we African-Americans misinterpreted her comments.

This week's Shut Up Fool goes to Rafael Cruz, daddy of the dishonorable junior senator from Canada,.who parted his lips to say that Black and Latinos were 'uninformed' and 'deceived' and should be voting for Republicans back at a conservafool conference in February, then topped it off by stating that President Obama should be deported to Cuba, and claimed that atheism and secular humanism cause sexual abuse .  

Naw Rafael, the only persons who are uninformed and deceived are  you and your jive turkey azz son. 

Rafael Cruz, shut Up Fool!

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