Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Paris Lees Tops Britain's 2013 Pink List!

Photo: Look who we've been catching up with...
If it seems like to the rest of the world 2013 has been British trans journalist, advocate and media presenter Paris Lees' breakout year in terms of getting British national and increasing international attention as a voice for the trans community across The Pond, actually it wasn't. 

Lees has been a rising personality in the British trans ranks for several years now as the founding editor of META magazine, Britain's first trans themed magazine, an It Gets Better video, winning a 2012 National Diversity Award , and being an instrumental player in the discussions the British trans community had with Channel 4 that has led to more positive portrayals of transpeople there.

Paris Lees rocky rise to prominence and status as one of the torchbearing voices in the British trans community has gained more cachet as she recently was named to the number one spot in the 2013 edition of The Independent Pink List of 101 influential British TBLG people

And her trans cousins on this side of The Pond couldn't be happier for her.

So what's next for this groundbreaking 25 year trans leader?  Stay tuned, because it's going to be interesting for transpeople on both sides of The Pond and internationally to watch.

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