Monday, November 11, 2013

Georgina Beyer Being Honored At Upcoming NZ Fundraiser

Georgina Beyer will go down in history as the world's first trans mayor and first trans MP, but has been battling chronic kidney failure that requires her to do dialysis four times a day as she awaits a kidney transplant.  

With her 56th birthday approaching on November 14, people from across the New Zealand political spectrum and the TBLG community will gather at The James Cabaret in Wellington from 6:30-11:30 PM local time to celebrate the life of Ms. Beyer, her birthday and raise funds to help support her while continues her quest to recover from her health challenge.

Event organizer Jo Paku said in a report the event is also about formally recognizing the work Beyer has done in shaping New Zealand’s political and social landscape, and the positive impacts that she has had on the global stage.

“She has been an inspiration to many lives through her work with community organizations, local and central Government and her commitment to art, culture and heritage,” Paku says.

“It is her unique story that we are paying homage to, as well as commemorating her 56th birthday.

Yes, she has not only been an inspiration to people ion New Zealand, she's been an inspiration to transpeople around the world.  Beyer's historic November 1999 win has spurred transpeople in several nations to run for public office with mixed levels of success.

Get well soon Ms Beyer and hope that fundraiser is megasuccessful.

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