Saturday, December 08, 2018

Number 24- Rest In Power and Peace, Keanna Mattel

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I was wanting for Christmas no more trans death in 2018.   Unfortunately that is not going to be the case with three weeks left in this year.

We go to Detroit for our latest 2018 trans murder in the person of 35 year old Keanna Mattel. 

Detroit Police unfortunately found her lying dead in street from a gunshot wound on E. McNichols between Brush and Omira streets just before 6 AM EST.   A 46 year old male was arrested by DPD in connection with the shooting, which is still under investigation.

Keanna was active in the Detroit ball community, and was a beloved member of the House of Ebony.

Ironically just three years ago she had been interviewed and quoted in The Guardian in the wake of another Detroit trans sister who had been murdered named Amber Monroe.  .

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The way we clean up our community is not to just throw people in jail. It’s to offer help, resources, jobs … helping girls get their GED.” 

Mattel is the 24th trans person we have lost to anti-trans violence  this year.   She is also the 18th Black trans person we have lost to anti-trans violence (17 female, 1 male).  She's also the 10th person under age 40 we have lost. 

Her Black trans life mattered.   When are Black trans lives going to matter to the rest of Black America? 

As of yet, no word on a memorial service, but will pass that info along when I receive it.

Rest in power and peace, Keanna.  We won't rest until you receive justice, and all of our Black trans  lives matter.

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