Saturday, December 22, 2018

TransGriot 2018 NFL Picks - Week 16

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The upset bug was in full effect during NFL Week 15, and I came with a losing record for the week as a result.  One of those upsets was the New England Patriots losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers to hand the Texans the number two AFC playoff seed. 

Merry early Christmas!  Thank you Steelers!

Now all my hometown ballers have to do to keep it is win their last two games against the defending NFL champion Eagles and the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Patriots continue to feel the holiday spirit and lose one more game.

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But you got to start scoring touchdowns in the red zone instead of kicking field goals.   Make the defense's life easier. 

Speaking of making life easier, I've got to do better than a sub .500 week.   That probably cost me a shot at the 2018 NFL prognostication title with Mr. Watts.

Can't do anything about it now but regroup.   Let's get to it. 

Y'all know the drill.  Team I'm picking to win will be in bold print with the home team in CAPS.  Mike's Week 16 picks will be here at this link. 

Week 15 Results                                    2018 NFL Season Results
TransGriot  6-10                                     TransGriot     137-83-2
Mike             8-8                                     Mike              141-81-2

Saturday NFL Games
TITANS over Washington
CHARGERS over Ravens

Sunday Early Games
Texans over EAGLES
COWBOYS over Buccaneers
Vikings over LIONS
Falcons over PANTHERS
COLTS over Giants
BROWNS over Bengals
PATRIOTS over Bills
Packers over JETS
DOLPHINS over Jaguars

Sunday Afternoon Games
Bears over 49ERS
SAINTS over Steelers

Sunday Night Game
Chiefs over SEAHAWKS

Monday Night Game 
Broncos over RAIDERS

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